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Year 6 Step Back in Time

The children in a class setting at Beamish.

Year 6 visited Beamish recently. Here is an account of the day, written by Adnan in 6H:

“When we first arrived at we went on a tram. It was really cool and a favourite part was how we got to the top deck of the bus seats. There was no roof and we all loved waving at the people walking.

Our destination was the town and we soon got there. It was amazing! My favourite part of the town was the sweet shop. The smell was too good to be true. We even got to watch them make sweets. Then we were evacuated to the farm. There were lots of animals and an Anderson Shelter.

We had our lunch on a field near the farm. On the bus ride home, it was so hot and some people were groaning but we soon arrived back to school. We discussed our favourite parts. My favourite part was the town because I love the old-fashioned things.”

Some of the children at Beamish.