News from the School

We’re still an Ofsted Good School

As you are aware, our school has recently been the subject of an Ofsted Inspection. The full report has now been published and we are pleased to attach a copy to our Ofsted and Performance Page for reading. The Ofsted Inspection confirms Richard Avenue to be a Good School in all respects. The following comment illustrates the high esteem in which the school is held:

“Pupils in this school treat each other with kindness and respect. They learn and play happily together. Staff show a genuine care for pupils. They know the pupils well and work with families to meet pupils’ needs. This is a welcoming and inclusive school with a true community spirit.”

We are delighted with the report and very proud of the children who behave extremely well and show sensitivity to the needs of others, the staff who provide pupils with a high-quality education, showing good subject knowledge, revisiting what pupils have learned before and build on this learning. The school has high expectations for pupils’ achievement. These expectations inform a curriculum which provides pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Pupils leave the school well-prepared for secondary education. They work hard, show resilience and achieve well.

School leaders and governors share a vision of helping pupils realise their potential. They have developed strong, trusting relationships with parents and carers and the local community. The school has created an open and inclusive culture in which staff feel highly valued. Staff enjoy working here. They work in collaboration with each other for the good of the pupils.

Thank you everyone for your valued support which has contributed to this very successful result.
Claire McKinney