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Well-being Festival | October 11, 2017

Year 4 attended a Well-being Festival at Silksworth Leisure Centre. Below is an account of the day by one of the attending pupils and an accompanying video slideshow:

On Thursday 5th October Year 4 went to Silksworth Leisure centre for a Well-Being festival. We went there to learn about keeping fit and exercising. We took part in Brazilian soccer, yoga, skipping (in which I got tangled), dancing and dodgeball. The other group got to make smoothies using power from an exercise bike. We also got to do a kickabout with Sunderland AFC and learn new skills. We were only there for the morning but it felt like all day because we were so worn out from the exercising.

Louis, Year 4 pupil
Well-being Festival photo slideshow.

Agility Tests | March 14, 2016

Children performing the agility test
Children performing one of the agility tests.

30 year 2 children and Mrs English went to the Wellness Centre in Silksworth to take part in an agility challenge. They competed in a various of events including tennis skills, football dribbling, long jump and beanbag target throwing. All the children tried hard and had a great day.