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Sunderland School Swimming Finals | May 19, 2022

The Year 5/6 swimming team took part in the Sunderland School Swimming Finals. Well done to all of our children who swam brilliantly and showed great determination. Special mention to the boys who made the grand final of the medley relay race. Our children were superb ambassadors for our school with thanks to Mr Spoors for all he did to organise the children.

The Year 5/6 Swimming Team.

Thank you Mr Spoors!

Year 1 Visits Durham Castle | May 18, 2022

Year 1 on their trip to Durham Castle.

Year one visited Durham Castle on the 16th May (1CW) and Tuesday 17th May (1S). They all had a great time exploring the castle and finding out about its features. Some of the children dressed up as the kings and bishops connected to the castle history. In the afternoon the children made their own cardboard models of castles and were challenged to make a strong castle wall that the teachers tried to knock it down!

A fun and educational day out.

Year 5 Visit Safetyworks | May 12, 2022

Some of the Year 5 children at Safetyworks, Newcastle.

Year 5 enjoyed a visit out of school on Monday morning to Safetyworks in Newcastle. The children improved their knowledge in making informed life choices, where they needed to recognise key risks and dangers, and gain confidence to take actions which will reduce the risks to themselves and others. They enjoyed activities based on home safety, fire safety, road safety, internet safety and many more.

Well done Year 5!

The Children learn new Gymnastics Skills | February 15, 2022

A group of Year 4 children went to AAA Sports to learn some new gymnastics skills.

They were able to try out the trampolines, rings, bars, vaulting horse and the balancing beams. The children felt nervous trying out the apparatus they had never experienced before, however, they were determined to keep trying and they were soon showing off their new skills, and having lots of fun too.

The children on the trampolines.

The Sports Visits Begin Again! | December 12, 2021

The year 5 and 6 boys athletics team.

Year 2 attended AAA Sport for a fun-filled morning of gymnastics. They took part in a carousel of activities including the vault, floor circuit, track circuit and some time on the trampolines. The children learned new skills and had a fantastic time, while being physical and active.

Year 2 children on the trampolines.

A team of boys and a team of girls represented the school at the Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics competition at Silksworth. They participated in a range of track and field events. All the children showed determination and teamwork to help Richard Avenue finish 4th place in the overall competition, including a 1st place finish for the boys team. When the results came through, some children also received medals for their individual achievements.

Well done to everyone!

Year 4 visits the Mayor | February 27, 2019

Year 4 visits the Mayor
The children in the Chamber

Year 4 visited the Madam Mayor today to discuss the issues that are affecting our local area. The children were invited to the Council Chambers where they put discussed their problems with Madam Mayor and local councilors. The children were invited to help design an artwork project which will take place behind the school next year.

Year 4 visits the Mayor
A Year 4 child with the Mayor
Year 4 visits the Mayor
A Year 4 child with the Mayor

Year 4 visit the National Glass Centre and St Peters Church | January 27, 2019

Year 4 went on a visit to the National Glass Centre and St Peter’s Church as part of their Art and RE work. The children are looking at Aspects of Sunderland in their art lessons so they walked to the Glass Centre to take in the sights and give them inspiration for their glass painting. The visit to St Peter’s Church allowed the children to look at the beautiful stained glass windows as well as seeing the part of the church that is still standing from Anglo-Saxon times over 1600 years ago.

Year 4 at the National Glass Centre
Year 4 watch a demonstration

Year 4 Visit to Cragside | October 5, 2018

Year 4 at Cragside
Year 4 at Cragside.

Year 4 visited Lord Armstrong’s mansion in Cragside. The mansion was the first house in history to be powered by hydroelectricity. The children learnt about water wheels, dynamos and electrical turbines.