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RSHE policy and PSHE curriculum | March 24, 2021

Here you will find our updated RSHE (Relationships, sex and health education) policy, which goes into detail about: the aims of the policy, statutory requirements and our curriculum (taught in PSHE lessons).

The Department for Education has provided statutory guidance on what schools must teach. By altering the PSHE curriculum in line with the Department for Education guidance, we have found that the curriculum offered to your child has not changed greatly. We are continuing to teach PSHE as we have always done, but it is now organised into three core topics – relationships, living in the wider world and health and wellbeing.

The main change is that we now have statutory guidance to inform us on what must be taught and we have altered our plans to ensure we are covering everything we need to. Please see our new long term plan for PSHE within the policy. This tells you the objectives we will be covering throughout Key Stage 1 and 2.

As everything we are teaching is statutory, parents/carers now do not have the right to withdraw their children from any lessons. We therefore no longer need you to complete permission letters for the puberty talk in Key Stage 2, as teaching this is now a statutory requirement. We would also like to inform you that we have chosen not to teach any non-statutory objectives set out by the Department for Education which means we will not be teaching how a baby is conceived or born and will not be discussing contraception.

If you have any questions on any of the information above, please contact school by Friday 16th April.