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Year 4 visit the National Glass Centre and St Peters Church | January 27, 2019

Year 4 went on a visit to the National Glass Centre and St Peter’s Church as part of their Art and RE work. The children are looking at Aspects of Sunderland in their art lessons so they walked to the Glass Centre to take in the sights and give them inspiration for their glass painting. The visit to St Peter’s Church allowed the children to look at the beautiful stained glass windows as well as seeing the part of the church that is still standing from Anglo-Saxon times over 1600 years ago.

Year 4 at the National Glass Centre
Year 4 watch a demonstration

A Visit from a member of the Newcastle Sikh Community | April 24, 2018

Cloud Singh Sikh Community Member
Cloud Singh with the children.

The school were visited by Cloud Singh, a representative of the Newcastle Sikh community. He talked to us in assembly about Sikhs’ beliefs and values. He explained that Sikhs believe in God and they follow the teachings and guidance of the Gurus, which in turn help them become closer to God.

Cloud Singh Sikh Community Member
Cloud delivers his assembly.

Sikhs very much believe in supporting and helping others no matter who they are. Community and supporting others who live in the community is very important to them. Cloud said that all are welcome at the Gurdwara, as our Year 5s know from a previous visit. Our Year 4 pupils will be visiting Cloud at the Gurdwara in Newcastle to find out more about his place of worship and practices.

Harvest Festival | October 8, 2017

The children with their harvest collection.

The school have been celebrating Harvest. Mr Hawkins, a representative from Elim Church came to visit us to share a story from the bible. The story told was “The Five Loaves and Two Fishes”. It reminded us how we need to share and think of others in times of need.

It is nice to help people and share our food… It is important for people to help each other. We help a lot at our school. It makes you feel good.

Kane, Year 5 pupil

The school presented the church with a huge donation of groceries for their food bank, this was thanks to the generosity of our pupils, parents and staff. Mr Hawkins and Elim church were so grateful that he presented us with a special certificate to say thank you.

The certificate presented by Mr Hawkins of the Elim Church.

Year 1 walk to St Gabriel’s Church | October 2, 2017

The Year 1 children leave school to start their walk.

Year 1 went for a walk around the local area to look for lots of things to learn about like different types of buildings, the materials they are made from, seasonal changes and plants. They stopped off at St. Gabriel’s Church to have a look inside and learn lots about the features of a Christian church.

In amongst all of that there was even time for a generic ambien quick play in Barnes Park. They had a great morning out.

Visit from a local Imam | September 18, 2017

The local Imam with the children
The local Imam, Mr. Shahid, with the children.

On Thursday 14th September the school welcomed Mr. Shahid, our Imam from the local mosque, into our school. In assembly he spoke about the importance of belonging to a community and welcoming brothers and sisters from all backgrounds. He also spoke about the festival of Eid, which was celebrated recently by the Muslim community as well as the importance of charity. The children discovered how it is possible to give in different ways, not only by donating money but also with words and a smile!

Anglo Saxons and Christianity | January 15, 2015

learning to write with quills
The children learning to write with quills.

This half term year four are learning about Anglo Saxons and Christianity. We were very lucky to have a visit from Durham University to support us in our learning of this. They brought with them a replica of the Lindisfarne Gospels which represents the pinnacle of achievement of Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian art at the end of the 7th Century. The book was produced for ceremonial use as well as a representation of the splendour of God’s word and the Christian religion.

We learned how to use a quill to write in Latin, and we also made our own Celtic Knots which decorated the many ‘carpet pages’ of the book. We particularly enjoyed using drama to understand iconography. We studied replica Anglo Saxon objects from the museum and wrote about them and what they were used for. These included weapons, items from the home, games, crafts and even a replica of the famous helmet found inside a ship at Sutton Hoo.

children dressed as monks
The children dressed as monks.

We re-enacted the journey of the monks from Lindisfarne as they fled from Danish invasion, taking with them Cuthbert’s body and the Lindisfarne Gospels, the book that was written in his honour. The book travelled all over the North East of England before settling at Dun Holm, which is now the site of Durham Cathedral.

children with the Lindisfarne Gospels replica
Children with the Lindisfarne Gospels replica.

Learning about Christian Baptism | October 16, 2014

Children Watch the mock baptism
The children learn how a Christian is baptised.

Year 1 visited St Nicolas Church in Sunderland to learn all about Baptisms. Reverend Stephanie of the church taught the children how Christian’s welcome people into their religion through Baptism and what was involved in the ceremony. After the mock-ceremony the children had a good look around the church at all the outstanding features such as the pews and the stained glass windows.