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We Celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee | May 26, 2022

The children wearing crowns they had made.

Throughout the week we’ve been celebrating the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee. The staff and the children have been getting involved in all sorts of activities in preparation for a picnic we had planned. This included making bunting, crowns and decorating two large portraits of the Queen drawn by Miss Howard.

Mr Williams was also going round school to sit down with some of the children who answered questions about our Queen.

As part of the school’s jubilee celebrations, some of our children sat down and answered questions about our Queen.

Unfortunately, due to the British rain, the picnic with the parents could not go ahead but we did manage to find a break in the rain so the children could go out and sing the songs they had prepared, which represented different decades.

The children performing their songs.

It was great for everyone to be together outside and as it was something we hadn’t been able to do for a long time it felt extra special.

You can see some of the videos and photos from the day in our Queens Jubilee Album