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Green Flag Renewal Marine Homework Topic | April 29, 2019

The children collected rubbish and plastic from beaches.

Having previously achieved three Eco-Schools Green Flag awards and covered 9 of the Eco-Schools topics, the Eco-Committee at Richard Avenue Primary School decided to work on Eco-Schools England’s newest topic, Marine, for their Green Flag renewal.

Working with Sunderland City Council for the second year running, the children were asked to design and create large planters to be used in the cities busy shopping areas. The Eco-Committee worked with their school’s Art Club to produce eco-friendly planters that raised awareness of the problems plastic waste causes to our oceans and marine life.

The children then decided that as well as displaying art work, they also wanted to actively prevent further pollution: the upcoming school holidays were the perfect opportunity to do this. The Eco-Committee and Coordinator found a video clip from (the legendary) David Attenborough that highlighted plastic pollution in the oceans. This clip was shown in an assembly to the whole school and kicked off the holiday homework project.

Despite being lucky enough to live near very well maintained beaches, the children in Richard Avenue Primary School understand that every little helps!

#RAPSplastic – Richard Avenue Primary School Homework Project | April 4, 2019

How Plastic Enters the Ocean

It is concerning the amount of plastic found on our beaches and in the ocean . Help us to clean up our beaches and raise awareness of how dangerous plastic is to our marine life:

  • Go to the beach – with a grown-up
  • Take photographs of plastic you find
  • If safe to do so pick up the plastic waste and put it in the nearest bin– this will stop that plastic finding its way into our oceans.
  • Up-load your photographs of you and your plastic on your parents Twitter account using the hashtag…#RAPSplastic

Hope to see lots of tweets and recycled plastic waste!

Here are some resources to help with your learning:

Remember #RAPSplastic