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Commonwealth Games Day | July 4, 2022

The children competing in the long jump event.

To celebrate the Commonwealth Games taking place in England this year, we held our very first school commonwealth games.

The children took part in sprinting, long jump, high jump, sprint and basketball after which each class selected their own representations for a relay race. We all demonstrated the Commonwealth Games focus on teamwork and friendliness and all of the children had a brilliant day, showing determination, self-belief and passion – our school sport values.

The children in a sprint race.

As the Commonwealth Games are known as the friendly games, there was also friendly competition to win medals and trophies, while teachers also awarded children with best attitude medals.

“The high jump was my favourite. I won a medal and then my class were the winners of the trophy too.”

Yaseen in Year 4

Special mention to the Year 5 Sports Leaders and the Year 4 helpers who supported the scoring and timing of the events. Also, a great big thank you to Melanie Nichols who opened our games and also helped out during the events. Good luck to Melanie who is the baton bearer in Sunderland on 14th July.

“I liked the high jump because I kept getting higher.”

Nathan in Year 1
The children receive their medals.

It was a wonderful day for everyone with huge thanks to our wonderful Mr Spoors for all he did to organise and lead a day filled with special memories for us all 🙂