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RAPS School Closure Update | April 2, 2020

raps rainbow
A beautiful rainbow made by the children of key workers

Hello everyone, we hope everyone is staying safe and sound during the current pandemic.

Before the lockdown staff were working extremely hard to get things prepared for what we knew would be a difficult period. Things like working at home packs and setting up online learning so we could continue to work with your children in a safe setting. We also have some workers in school and some children in with them so activities continue there as well.

To keep up to date with the goings on the best place to start would be our Twitter page where we list the various activities the children are up to in school, as well as provide useful links to activities they can be doing at home.

We have also set up a hashtag on twitter #rapsathome where both children and parents can show us what they’re up to. If you wish to add anything for us to see and retweet please place #rapsathome at the end of your twitter post.

The children in school have been doing all sorts of things to keep both the learning and the creativity going. This applies to the staff as well! Usually the day starts off with a live exercise session on YouTube with Joe Wicks , you can also do this at home as well. He’s on every morning at 9am. The day then carries on with a different numbers of activities and fun had by all. You may have seen the beautiful rainbow made by the children of key workers that now sits proudly in notice board outside of school. Or seen some of the amazing artworks they’ve been making on the school yard with chalk.

chalk patterns
School yard artwork made by the children and the staff.

At home children have been been making rainbows for their windows. Not being able to go to school they are connecting with each other by painting colourful rainbows and putting them in their windows for others to see. I’m sure you may have seen some around when taking your daily exercise.

children exercising at home
Some of our children exercising at home.

We have also sent out packs of work for each child to work through steadily. This is being supplemented by a number of online learning platforms we have in place, including Bug Club and Google Classroom .

Google Classroom is a very interactive space and both teachers and children can communicate in real time on it. Staff have been setting assignments for the children, some on a daily basis, and are also using it to communicate with their class to make them aware of different videos activities and learning links. Please keep an eye on that and log in daily .

Window Rainbows
The children are making rainbows for their home windows.

Other than that we hope you all stay safe, follow government guidelines and we wish you all well.