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A Miracle in Town! | December 21, 2015

Key Stage 1 performed a Christmas Nativity production of A Miracle in Town for both staff and parents. Below is a video from the play.

Key Stage 1 pupils perform A Miracle in Town.

Christmas Carol Service 2015 | December 20, 2015

Key Stage 2 Christmas Carol Service
The children performing at St Nicholas Church.

To celebrate Christmas, Key Stage 2 held a brilliant carol service at St Nicholas Church in Sunderland. The whole school and some special visitors were treated to rousing renditions of classics such as Little Donkey and We Three Kings.

Key Stage 2 pupils perform Sing the Christmas Story.

Well done to all involved.

Nursery Nativity 2015 | December 20, 2015

Both nursery groups, morning and afternoon held their yearly Christmas Nativity. The children, dressed up as the Christmas cast and led by Mr Williams and Mrs Atkinson sang a variety of Christmas classics. Below are two videos of their performances.

The Morning Nursery children perform a part of their Christmas Nativity 2015.
The Afternoon Nursery children perform a part of their Christmas Nativity 2015.

Reused Waste | November 26, 2015

recycling spot
The school recycling spot.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The children bring in lots from home to recycle and help save our environment. Some of the things brought from home include plastic bags, paper, greetings cards, batteries, mobile phones, bottle tops etc…

The school is also careful with its water consumption. We use water butts to water our school allotment and grounds.

The schools water butt for collecting rainwater.

A Visiting Artist | November 25, 2015

The artist holds one of his paintings
The artist holds one of his paintings.

Just before half term the children in year one have been looking at different artists work in their art lessons. To supplement this they were lucky enough to have an artist come in and talk to them. On this occasion he was a painter and also the father of a girl in year one.

The children asked him lots of questions about working as an artist. He also brought in some of his art work to demonstrate his skill and dedication to his craft.

Children in Need 2015 | November 25, 2015

The children raised lots of money for Children in Need . To raise the money the children where able to wear non uniform, superhero and Pudsey Bear clothes. They also baked and sold cakes, bought tombola prizes, had a name the bear competition and lots more.

Children in Need 2015
The children in fancy dress.

The school raised a massive £1,165.52 to help children in different situations.

Children in Need 2015 Teachers
Some of the teachers in fancy dress.

Some of this money is also donated to our ‘Home Charity’, Help for Heroes . This helps wounded, injured or sick people in the armed services.

Remembrance Day 2015 | November 12, 2015

On Remembrance Day, Richard Avenue Primary held an assembly to help the children learn about what people of this country have sacrificed and what for .

The staff and children raising our new custom made flag for Remembrance Day.

We were joined by three guests, including a local vicar, a local Councillor and a decorated war veteran. The children held an impeccable 2 minute silence and then we moved outside to both raise a specially made flag and also to view a poppy sculpture made by the children and inspired by artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper .

The Head with guests
The Head teacher with two of our special guests.
Assembly with Miss McMaster
Miss McMaster’s Remembrance Day 2015 assembly.

A few of the children then visited the Cenotaph in Sunderland to lay a poppy wreath.

The children at the Cenotaph in Sunderland
The children laying our poppy wreath at Sunderland Cenotaph.