School Uniform

As a school we encourage all pupils to adhere to our school dress code. This promotes cohesion and a sense of belonging to our school community.

Please note, it is preferred that all uniform is emblazoned with the school logo.

Boys Uniform

The boys uniform.

White polo shirt, red sweatshirt, plain grey or black trousers or summer shorts. plain black shoes.

Girls Uniform

The girls uniform.
The girls summer dress.

White polo shirt, red cardigan/sweatshirt, grey or black skirt, pinafore or trousers. Red/white checked dress for summer. Plain black shoes, white socks, red, black or grey tights.

Physical Education

The PE Kit

Plain white round neck t-shirt, plain black or red shorts, plain dark track suit bottoms for winter sports. Plain black gym shoes.


No jewellery is allowed to be worn at school, with the exception of a watch and items that are considered to be acceptable under religions or medical grounds. These must be discussed with the Head Teacher prior to coming to school.

Hair Styles

It is requested by Governors that parents are fully supportive of what Governors deem as being a ‘reasonable’ hairstyle. Governors appreciate individuality and parents varying interpretation of the word ‘reasonable’. Richard Avenue Primary school defines reasonable as:

  • no dyed hair
  • no extremely short hair
  • no excessive beads in braids
  • appropriate use of gel
  • no tram lines shaved into hair.

Head Scarves

When children are of an appropriate age to wear head scarves, they must be plain red or black in colour