School Clubs

MMA Club
Mr Fisher overseeing the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Club.

Study Support is a main strength within our school as this is the area in which our whole staff are involved. At Richard Avenue Primary School we offer a huge variety of after school clubs for your child to enjoy, free of charge .

Each member of staff is involved in running a club, either on a lunchtime or after school. Places to join these clubs are offered on a yearly basis.

Certain clubs are offered to a particular year group or Key Stage, this being due to the activities planned for that club.

As part of our Study Support Programme each child who attends a club must have a completed Code of Conduct agreeing to the expectations set out for attending clubs. Only one form is needed regardless of how many clubs your child attends. These forms are sent out when you are informed of the places your child has received at our clubs, but here is a replacement if this goes missing.

We are very proud of our Study Support Programme within school and our success has been acknowledged by the school winning a Quality in Study Support Award.

We hope that your child enjoys attending the clubs!