News from the School

RAPS School Closure Update #3

Hi everyone we have had lots of going ons from our amazing children and staff both in school and from home since our last update.

Firstly our amazing and sustainable school grounds don’t water and prune themselves! the children have been keeping things looking the way they should with a bit gardening. Always good for the soul and of course nature.

Of course the advantages of having such a setting is that natures gives us back and in ways for us to be creative.

The children at school have been working through various themes and creating some brilliants things for us to marvel at.

We have been bringing joy to the children, by making chocolate treats, and joy to the local community by delivering letters to our school neighbours.

We’ve also been making messages to pass onto neighbours and to talk about our feelings during lockdown. They can be found hanging around our school fence. As well as this we have been delivering rainbow ribbons to our local neighbours and to our fantastic NHS and care workers. You’re all doing a great job.

The children also made birthday cards for Captain Tom Moore, who I’m sure you have seen raised more than Β£32m for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his Bedfordshire garden by the time he reached his 100th birthday in April , and has since been awarded the Freedom of the City of London. Well done Tom and well done children.

#rapsathome carries on . Please keep sending us videos, pictures and stories of what the children are doing at home during this time by using the hashtag #rapsathome on your twitter posts. Some great examples of this are below, we appreicate all that we get.

We also had a new arrival! Congratulations Jessica and her family.

Our staff have been keeping up to date with our children and parents at home through telephone calls to make sure everyone is well, coping and generally have a good old natter. Its been great to hear from all the friendly voices we dearly miss.

Both online learning contines on Google Classroom, Bugclub, and Rockstar Maths. The staff have also been making and delivering packs to those familes and children who don’t have access to online learning. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the BBC Bitesize website who are doing brilliant online learning lessons and videos for children of all ages . We’ll also post these links up on our Twitter page .

We have also placed instuctions for those who may be struggling with Google classroom on tablets or smartphones in each years classroom. Here is a pdf of those instructions . Please talk to your teachers if you are having difficulties using it.

A message from Mrs Todd.

Mr Williams continues to read the younger children a story on a daily basis. Often dressed up, so far we think we’ve seen him as…well just check out the picture below. Again its nice to see a friendly, if sometimes unrecognisable face.

mr williams in disguise
Mr Williams in various guises.

And finally, in case you missed it, and to make you all a little bit happier, the staff and children took some time to make this video for you all. Stay safe… and stay happy!