Google for Education

The school has implemented Google for Education into our curriculum.

At the start of each academic year you will be issued with a username and password for your google account that will allow you to use a wide range of google education apps for free and store all your data securely in the cloud under our Richard Avenue / Google cloud space.

google education
Some of the apps included in Google Education.

Some of the advantages of using Google for Education include:

  • Using a secure and safe gmail account that lets you learn to communicate using email while allowing our school to filter and monitor the email so you can only send and receive email to other users at Richard Avenue.
  • Use on any device, including mobiles, tablets, desktop computers etc.
  • Use a wide variety of office application absolutely free using Google Docs.
  • Create websites, collaborate on documents, share in the cloud.

Google Classrooms

To work together with all of the above the teachers at Richard Avenue can set up Google Classrooms that allow them to gather you all together under different topics and classroom groups and then assign projects, share links to learning, send feedback on your work and much more.

To get started or login to Google for Education, please click on this link.