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Little Inventors Winner

Gabriel Coates with his invention
Gabriel Coates with his invention.

In summer term many children from the school took part in a worldwide event with Little Inventors, where they thought of their own designs and entered a competition to have their design made.

All of the entries were displayed on the Little Inventors website and Gabriel Coates, in Year 6 won the competition. He will have his ‘Rolla Lampa’ design displayed in the Winter Gardens exhibition on Saturday 30th September. The design will be in the Winter Gardens until 13th October 2017 if you would like to see it.

Gabriel Coates’s invention design.

Well done Gabriel and all of the children who took part.

Little Inventors

Little Inventors
A child showing of his invention design.

The school recently had a visitor in assembly from an organisation called Little Inventors. Some of our Year 4 and 5 children had the opportunity to complete a workshop, which helped them to understand the work of Little Inventors and to think carefully about their own invention ideas.

The work they produced in this workshop will be displayed in a gallery in the autumn term. The designs will be entered into a competition where the winners work will be made into a real object.

Year 2 at the Seaside

Year 2 at the Seaside in Seaham
Year 2 at the Seaside in Seaham.

Year 2 have been learning about the seaside and so went to Seaham to spot some features of the coastline.

Unfortunately it rained all day and they didn’t get to play in the sand! They did see Tommy (the sculpture) and sketched pictures of him. Tommy is a statue of a First World War soldier by artist Ray Longsdale. It is officially named 1101 (or Eleven-O-One), referring to the first minute of peace as the armistice came into force at 11am on 11 November 1918.

The children also visited Lickety Split and learnt about the history of ice-cream and how ice-cream is made while having a tour of the shop and looking at all of the huge machines they use to make their many different flavours of ice-cream.

Blue bubblegum was a popular choice for an ice-cream at the end of our workshop.

Trip to Kirkley Hall

Animals of Kirkley Hall
The children stroking a rabbit.

On Friday 19th May, year 2 went on a trip to Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens in Northumberland. Although it rained for most of the day the children still had a brilliant time looking at lots of different animals and even getting to hold a guinea pig and stroke a rabbit.

Animals of Kirkley Hall
Capybara of Kirkley Hall.
A Cockatoo talks to the children.

New Wear Crossing Trip

The New Wear Crossing
The New Wear Crossing.

As part of the research and understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Year 5 wanted to find out about the jobs that are available around our local area. They were one of the first local school groups to visit the site of the New Wear Crossing, which is due to be complete in Spring 2018. While their they were given a lot of amazing facts about what it takes to complete an amazing piece of art, such as the bridge.

The children used the viewing deck to see how th work on the bridge was taking shape and saw a range of STEM workers undertaking their daily activities. The were told about the importance of the new bridge and how it is set to bring in millions in revenue to the local area.

The New Wear Crossing
The children at the New Wear Crossing.

Science Week – STEM Projects

As part of Science Week, the children of all years carried out different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) projects.

The children and their STEM Projects.

Year 2 Trip to the Glass Centre

Year 2 children at the National Glass Centre
Year 2 children at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Year 2 went on a trip to the National Glass Centre in Sunderland to learn more about materials.

While there they performed some fun experiments to learn more about the properties and uses of glass. They also made some fantastic art work using glass and designed and made their own winter glass tile.

The trip ended with a fantastic glass blowing demonstration.

Reception trip to Barnes Park

The Children looking at the pond at Barnes Park
The children looking at the pond at Barnes Park.

Reception went to Barnes Park to have a look at how the local environment changes in Autumn. They collected leaves from the ground to bring back to school to make autumn pictures.