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Nest Box Camera

Blue Tit in our Nest Box
A Blue Tit checks out our nest box.

The school have setup a nest box with an integrated camera to try and entice some birds to nest there so we can watch and study the life process. The camera we bought was from , and included a pine nest box and all the wires we needed to connect to a PC.

For this we decided in keeping with our green policy to purchase a Raspberry Pi 3 and stream from that using Motion Software . Well this isn’t strictly true, what we did do was install Raspbian and then added motion to that. We also had to mess around a little to get the USB capture device to work on the Pi but we will add a tutorial later for anyone who may want to go the same route as an easy follow guide.

Anyway the upshot is this enables us to have an always on, very low powered device and so save energy.

So far we don’t have a nest in there yet but we do have regular Blue Tits pinching our bedding! Here is a video of such an occurrence.

Blue Tit taking bedding from out nest box.

We will keep you posted here.

Agility Tests

Children performing the agility test
Children performing one of the agility tests.

30 year 2 children and Mrs English went to the Wellness Centre in Silksworth to take part in an agility challenge. They competed in a various of events including tennis skills, football dribbling, long jump and beanbag target throwing. All the children tried hard and had a great day.

Hoops 4 Health

The children practicing basketball skills
The children practicing basketball skills.

Players from the basketball team, Newcastle Eagles , visited Richard Avenue to help the school learn about health and fitness, through their Hoops 4 Health initiative. The children took part in a variety of activities, including basketball skills, that teach them how to stay fit and healthy from help generic phentermine.

Some of the Newcastle Eagles players
Some of the Newcastle Eagles players.

Year 1 Local Area Walk

Year 1 children out walking
The Year 1 children on their walk.

Year 1 have been learning about homes and houses and so went on a walk around our local area to see it for themselves. The saw different types of houses and shops, Barnes Park, St Nicholas Church, Chester Road Mosque and the Royal Hospital.

Healthy Living

Joyce the cook
The cook with produce from our allotment.

The school has six raised beds in our allotment. We grow a range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as green house produce.

Joyce, our school cook, cooks some vegetables to be served with our healthy school dinners. The school has ‘Healthy School’ status.

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Schools raised beds
The school allotment.

Reused Waste

recycling spot
The school recycling spot.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

The children bring in lots from home to recycle and help save our environment. Some of the things brought from home include plastic bags, paper, greetings cards, batteries, mobile phones, bottle tops etc…

The school is also careful with its water consumption. We use water butts to water our school allotment and grounds.

The schools water butt for collecting rainwater.

Food Bank Collection

Children with their food bank donation
The children with members of Elim Church stand next to out food bank donation.

The children and members of staff have been collecting various items for a food bank donation. Representatives from Elim Church who run and organise the food bank recently attended an assembly to thank us. We would also like to thank all those who donated for this very worthwhile cause.

I know how to be bright on the roads

1L in their bright outfits
Class 1L wearing their bright outfits.

Year 1 have been learning about road safety. Lorraine from Walkwise came to the school to talk to the children about crossing the roads safely. They also learned about being bright on the roads and investigated different types of dull and bright materials. As examples, they wore uniforms worn by the fire fighters, police and ambulance drivers, which are bright by design and then they designed and decorated their own t-shirts so they were bright enough to be seen on the roads.

1L with their designs
1L pupils with their designs.