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Year 2 Visit the Seaside

The children play on the beach
The children play on the beach.

This half term Year 2 have been learning about the seaside. They have been looking at the history of the seaside, comparing it to how it is now. In relation to this the children went to Monkwearmouth Museum and worked with Marie to learn about the seaside from the past. They looked at lots of interesting artifacts! They then went to see Souter Lighthouse on the way to the beach. When they got to the beach they had lots of fun playing on the sand and even had a yummy ice cream each!

Celebrating Animals

Year 2 children dressed as animals
Year 2 children and their teachers dressed as animals.

Year 2 held an animal week to celebrate the end of their time learning about animals. They decided to sponsor two endangered animals. 2C sponsored a jaguar and 2RE sponsored a giant panda!

On Wednesday Michelle, an artist, came in to show the children how to use pastels and chalks to draw our endangered animals. Their pictures were very effective!

Year 2 children draw animals using chalks and pastels
Year 2 children draw animals using chalks and pastels.

On Thursday the children had a visit from Crazy Creatures. John and Megan brought in 10 different types of animals. Everyone got the chance to hold lots of animals and they all learnt lots of interesting facts! The children were also very brave and sensible when handling the animals.

And finally, on Friday the children and their teachers came to school dressed as animals. All the costumes were fantastic!

Year 2 children meet some animals
Year 2 children meet some animals.

Making Bird Feeds

Homemade bird feeders
The homemade bird feeders.

Year One have been learning about Spring time and now know that lots of baby animals are born in Spring.

There is a bird box in the Friendship Garden, where a little bird has laid her eggs. The children decided to help her to feed her babies, by making bird feeders. They researched what common UK wild birds like to eat, then used those ingredients to make their feeders.

The children have hung them in the Friendship garden for the mother blue tit. We hope she likes them!

Green Cross Code

The children getting ready to practice the Green Cross Code
The children getting ready to practice the Green Cross Code.

Year One have been learning about crossing the road safely. Lorraine from Walkwise came to our school do talk to the children about the rules for crossing the road safely. The children then went out to practice everything the’d just been taught. In particular they practiced the Green Cross Code, to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

Zoolab Visit

The children with one of the many insects brought in.
The children with one of the many insects brought in.

As part of their curriculum Minibeasts topic, Reception had a visit from Zoolab Uk, who according to their website work with animals to amaze, educate and inspire. The children got to meet lots of different insects learning lots of new interesting facts about them.

Energy Monitoring

The school solar panels.

Each class has an Energy monitor to monitor how much energy we can save.

The children remind their peers and Teachers to switch off lights and boards when leaving the room and close windows to keep heat in. In Eco/Gardening club the children monitor how much energy school saves from having our wind turbine and PV panels.

Cleaning up Litter

Our school is mainly litter free! Eco/Gardening club help to tidy any litter that has blown into school on a lunch time.

Looking for Mini Beasts

The children ready to search the wildlife garden
The children ready to search the wildlife garden.

Reception have been learning about mini beasts. They put on their wellies and raincoats and using magnifying glasses went on a hunt in the school’s wildlife garden looking for an assortment of different types of insects. They had great fun lifting logs and looking through the plants and grass to find all types of different creepy crawlies.