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New Wear Crossing Trip

The New Wear Crossing
The New Wear Crossing.

As part of the research and understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Year 5 wanted to find out about the jobs that are available around our local area. They were one of the first local school groups to visit the site of the New Wear Crossing, which is due to be complete in Spring 2018. While their they were given a lot of amazing facts about what it takes to complete an amazing piece of art, such as the bridge.

The children used the viewing deck to see how th work on the bridge was taking shape and saw a range of STEM workers undertaking their daily activities. The were told about the importance of the new bridge and how it is set to bring in millions in revenue to the local area.

The New Wear Crossing
The children at the New Wear Crossing.

Science Week – STEM Projects

As part of Science Week, the children of all years carried out different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) projects.

The children and their STEM Projects.

Nelson Mandela and Africa Week

The whole school spent the week learning about the history of the continent of Africa and the changes brought about by Nelson Mandela. Many activities where arranged throughout the week to make it as informative and enjoyable as possible.

In year one, Mrs Waller, Allen’s dad and Joesphs mam, Mrs Anjokwu came in to talk about their time living in Africa. Allen’s dad told the children all about African food, African clothes, African tribes and life in Africa. Mrs Waller talked about her childhood in Africa and lots of fascinating stories about African animals.

Mrs Anjokwu, from Nigeria talked about growing up in Africa to highlight things that are similar and different to growing up here.

Mrs Anjokwu
Mrs Anjokwu grooves with the children.

The children also tried some fruit that is grown in Africa and made block graphs in Maths to show how many children liked the fruit they tasted. From the results its looks as if everybody thought the fruit was lovely.

African fruit tasting
The children try some delicious fruits.

We were then visited by Chief Chebe from Ghana. He came to the  school to teach the children even more about Africa. He taught them how to play the African drums and everybody danced and listened to his stories. Chief Chebe was great fun!

Chief Chebe's African Drums
Dancing to the beat of the African drums.

The week culminated in a play performed  by Miss McMasters year 5 class. The play presented in the hall to both children and parents showed the history of Nelson Mandela leading the people through apartheid. There was dancing and singing and a whole lot of fun and learning for all involved. A great week.