Breakfast & After School Club

Since 2005, we have offered both a Reading Breakfast Club and a Homework After School Club, both of which are very popular with our parents and offer a competitive pricing plan. The prices are £2.50 per day for Breakfast Club and £4.50 per day for After School Club and a reduced fee of £3.50 per day for any extra siblings. Please see how to book further down on this page. We try to offer a flexible working relationship with our parents and accommodate any needs, if possible.

The clubs are run by members of school staff so your child will be familiar with staff in charge of the clubs.

Currently our Breakfast Club is run by:

  • Mr Spoors
  • Miss Hoggett

Our After School Club is run by:

  • Miss Ellis
  • Miss Weir
  • Mrs R Begum
  • Mrs S Begum
  • Miss Pringle

Miss Ellis our Community Learning Centre Manger oversees both clubs and is happy to discuss any queries you may have concerning either club.

Opening & Closing Times

The opening and closing times of both clubs are as follows:

  • Reading Breakfast Club: 8:00am-8:45am
  • Homework After School Club: 3:30pm-5:15pm

Snacks & Activities

Both offer a variety of breakfast/dinner items and snacks. We also have a range of activities for your child to enjoy while attending. These activities are fun and have an academic focus.

Our Breakfast Club has a short reading time where children may enjoy a book on their own or choose to share a book with a younger or older child, in a buddy system.

Our After School Club provide materials for your child to complete their homework before joining in the activities on offer.


There are two ways to book.

You can visit the Sunderland City Council Payments website and make sure to select ‘Schools Miscellaneous Income‘ followed by ‘Richard Avenue Primary‘ and then ‘Out of School Club‘.

Please Note It it important to put the pupils name in the ‘Message Box’ at the bottom of the payment form otherwise we don’t receive your child’s name to match your payment. See the below screenshot:

Out of School Club Booking
Sunderland Council booking form.

Alternatively places can be booked directly with the school office. For both clubs, bookings need to be made in advance. This can be done by filling in the Out of School Club Booking Form .