News from the School

Beamish Visit

buy ivermectin 12 mg Year 6 recently visited Beamish, the Living Museum and to get into the spirit of things dressed up as evacuated children from 1940.

The Children dressed up in 1940s clothes
The children dressed up in 1940s clothes.영천콜걸업소〖카톡- Po 3 4〗【Poo3 4.c0M】출장안마출장안마Y✍▷2019-03-04-10-40영천☠AIJ●역출장안마콜걸출장안마출장외국인☵콜걸▪출장만남❣영천 The purpose of the visit was to find out what it was like to be evacuated from the cities during World War 2.

Raytown The children were taken by bus to “Home Farm” where they were introduced to the farmer and his wife but unfortunately there was only going to be room for 3 of them to stay!!!

Oroqen Zizhiqi The children experienced putting up “blackouts” and some even baked some Carrot Cookies. They also found out about rationing as well as writing a postcard home to their parents back on the home front.

We had a fantastic time and, after a visit to the sweet shop, returned to school cold and exhausted!