About Us

Richard Avenue Primary School was founded over 30 years ago in the 1980s when two schools merged into one. Bringing together the culture and expertise of two schools, created the melting pot of what exists today.

Firefighters with Year One
Firefighters with Year One
Firefighters with Year One
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A vibrant, friendly and multicultural school, Richard Avenue has achieved many awards and accolades over the years. We have laid the foundations for children to grow into successful members of society.

“The headteacher and the senior team have worked successfully to develop systems and procedures that support and encourage each teacher in school to improve in order to provide high quality teaching and guidance for all pupils. They share the same ambition to improve outcomes for all pupils, and to put the school firmly at the heart of the community. It is summed up by the comment that this is ‘a very nurturing school with the children as its focus’“.

Ofsted Report 2014

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A message from the Head Teacher

Head Teacher, Karen Todd, has been a stable presence at the school for over 10 years now. Under her guidance the school has grown from strength to strength culminating in our last Ofsted report.

Since then the school has continued to improve and perform.

“As you embark on your tour, you will see what a caring and friendly school we are. With a team of highly dedicated professional staff we have developed a wonderful stimulating and creative environment for your children to learn in.

Consequently your children achieve well and enjoy their time in school.

As a parent if you want to send your child to Richard Avenue Primary School, I would firstly say come in, have a look, meet us and I’m sure you will have no doubt as to your decision.”

Karen Todd, Head Teacher

We hope to see your child learning and growing with us at Richard Avenue Primary School.