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Year 5 Visit the Northern Spire Bridge | January 11, 2018

New Bridge
Miss Wallis’s class at the new bridge.

Year 5 visited the new Sunderland bridge, The Northern Spire. The children learnt a range of information about the jobs that the building of the bridge created and will create in the future. The children got to see how the bridge has been constructed over the past 3 years and discussed the positive impact the bridge will have on Sunderland as a city.

New Bridge
Mr Old’s class at the new bridge.

KS2 Church and School Choir 2017 | December 21, 2017

KS2 Church Choir 2017
The children of KS2 perform their Christmas Production 2017.

The children of Key Stage 2 performed their annual Christmas Nativity with carols at both St.Nicholas’ Church for Key Stage 1 children and the staff, and in our School Hall for parents and the Mayor of Sunderland.

Headteacher Karen Todd with the Mayor of Sunderland and the Consort
Headteacher Karen Todd with the Mayor of Sunderland and the Consort.

They performed beautiful renditions of a number of classic Christmas Carols and everyone in attendance seemed to have a great time.

KS2 Church Choir 2017
The children of KS2 perform their Christmas Production 2017.

Richard Avenue Primary School wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The KS2 children of perform ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’.
The KS2 children of perform ‘Once in Royal David’s City’.
The KS2 children of perform ‘Trois Souris’.

Year 5 Visit the Sunderland Climbing Wall | November 11, 2017

Year 5 at Sunderland Climbing Wall
A Year 5 child scaling the wall.

Year 5 visited Sunderland University’s climbing wall as part of Wellbeing Week and all of the children had the opportunity to challenge themselves to reach the top of the wall. Everyone had an amazing time and used the university sporting facilities afterwards.

Bastille Day | July 15, 2017

On 11th July, Year 5 headed to Thornhill to learn about the importance of Bastille Day. They got to sample French cuisine, create collages and masks, and play the French game of boulles. Here is a cinematic trailer teasing their morning out.

Bastille Day Cinematic Trailer.

Little Inventors | July 10, 2017

Little Inventors
A child showing of his invention design.

The school recently had a visitor in assembly from an organisation called Little Inventors. Some of our Year 4 and 5 children had the opportunity to complete a workshop, which helped them to understand the work of Little Inventors and to think carefully about their own invention ideas.

The work they produced in this workshop will be displayed in a gallery in the autumn term. The designs will be entered into a competition where the winners work will be made into a real object.

New Wear Crossing Trip | May 19, 2017

The New Wear Crossing
The New Wear Crossing.

As part of the research and understanding of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Year 5 wanted to find out about the jobs that are available around our local area. They were one of the first local school groups to visit the site of the New Wear Crossing, which is due to be complete in Spring 2018. While their they were given a lot of amazing facts about what it takes to complete an amazing piece of art, such as the bridge.

The children used the viewing deck to see how th work on the bridge was taking shape and saw a range of STEM workers undertaking their daily activities. The were told about the importance of the new bridge and how it is set to bring in millions in revenue to the local area.

The New Wear Crossing
The children at the New Wear Crossing.

Roker Pier Photography Competition 2016 Winner | May 15, 2017

Lucy Wall Roker Pier Photography Competition Winner
Lucy and her winning image and trophy.

The school is pleased to say that one of our children has won a regional photography competition.

Lucy Wall from Year 5 has won the Young Persons Award in the Roker Pier Photography Competition 2016. The category was for photographs taken by young people aged 16 and under.

Lucy Wall Roker Pier Photography Competition Winner
Lucy’s photograph that won her the Young Persons Award.

The judges commented that “Lucy, aged 9, captures the mouth of the river perfectly with the uncommon sight of a sailboat in the harbour. As a regular visitor to Roker Park, Lucy has titled her image ‘Spottee’s Ship at Roker Pier”.

Lucy was presented with a framed copy of her wonderful photograph as well as a trophy made out of original oak flooring, salvaged from the lighthouse during its recent restoration.

Lucy Wall Roker Pier Photography Competition Winner
Montage of Lucy’s achievement.

Well done Lucy!

Safer Internet Day 2017 | February 7, 2017

Safer Internet Day 2017
A group discussion about sharing media including photos and videos online.

Today the school held their annual Safer Internet Day event.

In the morning the school was visited by Northumbria Police who did a special assembly on the danger that can confront children while using the internet and the things they can do to stay safe online.

Internet Safety Day 2017
Two members of Northumbria Police who did an assembly on internet safety.

In the afternoon all individual classrooms watched videos and did classroom exercises in order to help with awareness of potential problems they may encounter online. Each year group had exercises tailored to their age. Topics covered included such things as sharing media including photographs and videos online, playing games and online games with friends, social media and online chat facilities, and online addiction.

Safer Internet Day 2017
A classroom discussion about sharing photos online.
Safer Internet Day 2017
The children watch a video about the potential dangers on online gaming and internet addiction.

We covered who to contact and/or talk to in order to get help when needed. Some more pictures from the day are below:

Safer Internet Day 2017
Safer Internet Day 2017
Safer Internet Day 2017