Ofsted Report & Performance

The schools last Ofsted Report was on the 15th and 16th of October 2014 . The report was again very promising under changing criteria and as always we hope to improve upon this going forward.

“Pupils benefit from a lively, well-planned curriculum, which is being reviewed as a school priority in light of the new National Curriculum, and it is starting to develop pupils’ understanding and appreciation of British values. Topics reflected in immaculate displays around the school and in classrooms contribute to pupils’ eagerness to learn, and have a clear focus on pupils’ academic, physical and creative development.

Ofsted Report, 2014

To read in depth about our progress you can view our last 4 Ofsted inspections at Ofsted’s website.

KS 2 Results Summer 2017

This link will provide you with our provisional Key Stage 2 Data for 2017. It outlines how our children performed against the national benchmarks and also outlines the performance of our disadvantaged pupils.

Data for EYFS, Phonics and KS 1 will be updated as soon as it is published.

Performance Tables

The data for the 2016 National Assessments at Key Stage 1 and 2  can be viewed against the national average as well as a more comprehensive view  of the schools performance at The Department for Education . These tables include such information as year on year comparisons, exam results and progress, subject level results, absentee details and finance details among other things.