Anti-Bullying & Childrens Roles

Anti-Bullying is taken very seriously at Richard Avenue Primary School . All pupils and all staff are an important active element of our anti-bullying strategy. We have an Anti-bullying Team, Playground Squad, School Councillors and Prefects As a school we identify, recognise and remove bullying. We promote understanding of anti-bullying so that our school is safe for children. Children explore bullying and ways of resolving disagreements or what to do if they think they are being bullied.

Children learn about anti-bullying in a range of different ways:

  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic lessons-Circle time
  • Literacy-Reading, Writing, Drama and role
  • Family Groups-mixed aged groups
  • Anti-bullying Week
  • Visits and visitors

“Pupils have a clear understanding of the school’s systems to manage behaviour and are aware of the different types of bullying they may encounter, including cyber bullying. They are confident that should any bullying occur, it would be quickly resolved by staff.

The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. It is typified by the harmonious and friendly atmosphere around the school. Pupils report they feel very safe in school and know how to stay safe out of school. Pupils have very good knowledge about the safe use of the internet and social networking sites.”

Ofsted Report

Playground Squad

At Richard Avenue Primary School we have a playground squad. This is a team of Y6 pupils who help children at playtime or lunchtime.

The Playground Squad for 2017/2018

Our Playground Squad wear caps and badges so they are easily seen by other pupils. They apply for the job, are interviewed at the end of Y5 and then are trained for the playground. The Playground Squad are trained to play with children, help people who are lonely or upset and how to get help from an adult. We have a friendship stop where the Playground Squad help pupils. We also have playtime rules displayed on the infant and junior yard.

Two members of the Playground Squad are also members of the Anti-bullying Team. This helps us as a school to identify any bullying problems and playtime and lunchtime.

School Council

All classes from Year 1 to Year 6 have a school councillor. These are nominated by pupils in each class. School Councillors are very important and help pupils make decisions about our school.

At the beginning of a new school year pupils and teachers discuss any important issues they want to be discussed over the course of the school year. Mrs Todd and Mrs Lamb then meet with the school council leaders to decide upon the most important and manageable suggestions. A plan for the year and terms is made and Mrs Lamb organises meetings and class councils in order to get jobs done to help improve our school.

Our school councillors have helped us achieve lots of awards. Some of these include; the Anti-bullying Award, The Healthy School Award and The Princess Diana Award.

Our head teacher and all classes have Suggestion Boxes. School councillors can meet with class councils to help improve their own classes too.


Our prefects at RAPs are very important.

The School Prefects for 2017/2016

At the end of Year 5 pupils who want to be a prefect have to write and present their prefect manifesto to the other pupils in our school. The rest of the pupils score the Year 5 pupils. The prefects are then selected by their scores from the manifesto and by staff who know their strengths. When they are in Year 6 and have special jobs throughout the school to help other children and teachers. They help to make the school be organised. Being a prefect is good experience for pupils because it helps them to be more responsible.

Examples of pupils anti-bullying work

Throughout the year the children work on anti bullying work of their own. Here are some examples of posters made by Year One.

Resources & Information Websites

The following websites are a useful source of information and advice for professionals, children and young people. Some sites also have resources available to support whole school and classroom activities.