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Stop, Drop and Roll | May 7, 2014

Year 1 had a visit from lots of firefighters from Sunderland to raise awareness of fire prevention and how to keep safe around fire. The firefighters explained to the children how their outfits work to keep them safe and some even tried them on.

The children were given many important safety tips, including a rhyme to help remind them not to touch matches and lighters, how to call 999 in the event of a fire, and the stop, drop and roll technique in case their clothes are set on fire.

The fire engine came onto the school yard and all got a turn squirting the hose like the firefighters do when they are putting out a fire. Everybody really enjoyed the afternoon and learned a lot.

Firefighters with Year One
Children learn fire safety in the school yard and try out the fire hoses.

Tennis Champ makes return | May 6, 2014

Former pupil, Jonny Binding, came back to school to share his success in being part of the Durham University Tennis Team. The team have reached the finals of the 2014 National Premier League.

Tennis Champ makes return
Tennis champ, Jonny Binding with staff and students.

The visit also raised the profile of teamwork, determination and perseverance to reach your goals from a pupil who once attended our school and is living his. A great example for all.

We wish the team the best of luck in the finals.